industrieplatz hessen

Our guiding principles

Our guiding principles

Strategic vision

Like no other state in Germany, Hessen is showing that a strong industry and a strong service sector are not opposites, but rather two sides of the same coin. Nowhere else in Germany is internationalisation as obvious as it is in the metropolitan region of Frankfurt-Rhine-Main. This gives Hessen an excellent foundation from which to benefit from the global reorganisation of industrial value creation at an above-average rate.

In the next few years, we want to take full advantage of this opportunity to develop Hessen into one of the most modern industrial regions in Europe. The region is to be characterised by the above-average presence of many modern industrial enterprises all enjoying a unique fusion of classical industry, software, and services – like at no other location.

The six individual indicators from the European Innovation Index are used to measure Hessen’s level of modernity:

•    Research and development expenditure in relation to the gross domestic product
•    Personnel in research and development in relation to the total workforce
•    Workers in industrial high-technology industries in relation to the total workforce
•    Workers in knowledge-intensive services in relation to the total workforce
•    Workers in science-technical positions in relation to the total workforce
•    Patent applications submitted to the European Patent Office per 1 million citizens


Hessen currently places eighth in the overall innovation ranking -

Our goal is to place Hessen in the top five


The benefits

of modernised and intensified industrial value creation for companies located in Hessen lie in the concentration and reorganisation of competencies, which in turn establish the basis for additional growth and more prosperity for the people of Hessen.

In a close collaboration between the state government, industrial associations and businesses, five action areas were defined in which further modernisation of the industrial location of Hessen should be undertaken together.



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