industrieplatz hessen

Home for Families From All Over the World

Citizens from over 180 different countries come together in Hessen. They find a wide network of communities, which not only provides business contacts but also helps to maintain cultural ties

Communities in Hessen

The Brazilian Network

-More than 3,000 Brazilian citizens
-Brazilian General Consulate with commerce department
-German-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Frankfurt
-German-Brazilian Association
-Brazilian Tourism Office
-Brazilian Cultural Center C.C.B.F.
-German-Brazilian Lawyers Association
-30 direct flights per week between Frankfurt and Brazil

The British Network

-About 12,000 British living in Hessen
-German-British Chamber of Commerce
-Eight international schools, including one of the largest in Europe
-Increasing number of German high schools with bilingual courses
-Excellent network for British business community and their families: British clubs, associations, -Stammtisch and English Theatre
-310 direct flights per week

The Chinese Network

-Over 10,000 Chinese living in Hessen
-About 500 Chinese companies, such as Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Air China, -SINOPEC, Huawei Technologies
-Chinese General Consulate with commerce department (largest in Europe), China Chamber of -International Commerce / China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
-Shanghai Foreign Investment Development Board
-Hong Kong Trade Development Council
-Subsidiaries of all large banks, including the Chinese Central Bank
-Numerous clubs, culture and business initiatives, for example: Association of Chinese Companies, -German-Chinese Friendship Association.
-Excellent network for Chinese business community and their families
-Excellent direct connections from Frankfurt to China: more than 40 flights per week.

The French Network

-About 11,000 French living in Hessen
-Over 250 French companies, including BNP Paribas, Sanofi-Aventis, Lafarge, Saint-Gobain, Carbone -Lorraine, Bongrain, Guerlain, Traxon, Cartesis, Chronopost, Sodexho
-French General Consulate
-French chamber of commerce in Germany
-German-French business club with more than 600 members
-l’Institut français à Francfort-sur-le-Main
-French high school in Frankfurt (Lycée Victor Hugo)
-German-French kindergarten
-Numerous French clubs
-About 270 direct flights from Frankfurt to France weekly

The Indian Network

-About 7,200 Indians living in Hessen
-The largest Indian community in Germany
-More than 250 Indian companies
-10 of the Top 20 Indian IT companies.
-Indian General Consulate, India Trade Promotion Organization in Frankfurt
-German-Indian Round Table e.V. (GIRT)
-Indian Tourism Office
-Indian-German Association, Indian-German Stammtisch
-Cricket clubs, cultural clubs, German-Indian Film Association, Hindu and Sikh temples, Indian theme evenings
-More than 40 direct flights weekly from Frankfurt to India

The Italian Network

-About 70,000 Italians living in Hessen
-Numerous Italian firms, such as Banca Monte dei Paschi, Banca d´Italia, Unicredito-Gruppe, Ferrero, Pirelli, Fila, Lavazza, Alitalia, Axis, Ferrari Deutschland
-Italian General Consulate
-Italian Chamber of Commerce in Germany (Camera di Commercio Italiana per la Germania)
-Italian cultural institute
-Italian kindergarten
-Numerous Italian clubs and cultural centers
-Excellent direct connection from Frankfurt to Italy: more than 320 flights per week

The Japanese Network

-About 5,000 Japanese citizens in Hessen
-More than 200 Japanese companies
-Subsidiaries of all major Japanese Banks
-Canon, YKK, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Honda, Fujitsu, Nikon
-Japanese General Consulate
-Association of Japanese Companies Frankfurt e.V.
-German office of the city of Yokohama
-Japanese Tourism Office JNTO
-German-Japanese Association Frankfurt e.V.
-Japanese schools and kindergarten, which are central institutions for the network of Japanese managers and their families
-Excellent direct connections between Frankfurt and Japan with 35 flights per week

The Korean Network

-7,000 Koreans living in Hessen
-Largest Korean community in Europe
-More than 200 Korean companies: the most important business location for Korean firms in Europe.
-Samsung, Hyundai, Daewoo, LG International
-Korean General Consulate
-KOTRA (Korea Trade & Investment Promotion Agency), European headquarters
-Korea Business Center, state-run Korean incubator for small to medium sized companies.
-German-Korean Business Association (DKW) e.V.
-Excellent direct connections from Frankfurt to Seoul: 18 flights per week

The Russian Federation Network

-About 14,100 Russian citizens living in Hessen
-About 70 Russian companies in and around Frankfurt
-General Consulate of the Russian Federation in Frankfurt
-Association of Russian Businesses in Germany
-Russian school and kindergarten in Frankfurt am Main
-130 direct flights weekly from the Frankfurt airport to the Russian Federation

The Turkish Network

-About 170,000 Turkish citizens live in Hessen
-About 70,000 German citizens with Turkish migration background
-General Consulate of the Republic of Turkey
-Turkish Tourism Office
-ATID Frankfurt German-Turkish Business Association e. V.
-Numerous Turkish clubs and cultural associations
-Strong Turkish business network for business people and their families
-More than 30 direct flights between Frankfurt and

The American Network

-About 20,000 Americans living in Hessen (not including military and diplomats)
-For more than 1,150 American companies the most important business location in Germany
-Citibank, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, Goldman Sachs, Opel (GM), Procter & Gamble, Motorola, -Abbott, Dow Group, numerous law offices
-US General Consulate, with Commerce Department - the largest in the world
-Central office for the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Germany
-American-German Business Club Frankfurt e.V. (AGBC)
-Headquarters for the US Military in Germany
-Representative office for numerous US states (North Carolina, Iowa und Florida)
-Numerous international and English-language kindergartens
-Strong network for American business community and their families
-Excellent connection from Frankfurt to the USA: about 340 flights per week to 25 destinations in the USA


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